Love, Inner Peace, Purpose & Answered Prayer

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Just Soul Food is a collective perspective that lays out plainly on a plate of soul food the concepts, elements and cyclical pattern of love. This cyclical pattern of love, when fully digested, will lead us to resolution of fears, a better understanding of the intersection of all our worlds, and a more peaceful filled life. It was developed as a means to simply illustrate, both graphically and literally, how to unify our concept of God and love to calm the inner struggles of the heart and mind, and live in peace and acceptance.

Life in the new millennium is so complex that the physical and spiritual health of our people is suffering dramatically. People have developed many ways of coping including varying their concept of God and love. But consistently, more of them inevitably find themselves remaining in a constant struggle to achieve inner peace. Many are living daily with high degrees of stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, worry, and fear. And some are just plain angry with everyone including God himself. Many people are truly seeking to understand why this concept of love that is suppose to make the world go around, has not worked for them toward bringing inner peace and seeing the answers to their prayers. They’ve prayed but they don’t see answers. They often end up losing their direction and/or faith and wondering why they go through these seasons when they feel like they are just spiraling out of control.

In this book and presentations, we will address not only why these negative cycles occur, but also how to actually reverse them. We’ll take into consideration our major cycles and the workings of cyclical elements and patterns therein, to receive a better understanding of their effects on our lives. This will provide plenty of insight toward receiving love, inner peace, and seeing answers to your prayers.
And through understanding the cyclical pattern of love established at the creation of the earth, the creation of your birth, and the recreation of both on earth, we can embrace the essence of its design to enrich our lives, get answers, and sure enough taste the results. And yes, we’re going to find all of that on a plate of just meat, sweet potatoes, collard greens and corn bread. It’s just a cycle. It’s Just Soul Food

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Just Soul Food
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