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Understanding The Basic Concept - The Meat

Just Soul Food is designed to collectively present the elements and cyclical pattern of love, that were actually established at your creation. And then demonstrate how this cycle of love is clearly represented in, and linked to these soul food elements, and designed to direct us toward inner peace and seeing the answers to our prayers. We present the various applications of this pattern as it pertains to receiving Love from God, relationships and ourselves, and correlate this pattern to both the secular and biblical world. It will provide you with a unified understanding of the pattern of love, a clearer understanding of the source and function of love, resulting in better relationships based on receiving harmony, balance and the inner peace we are looking for in our soul. And yes, it's all on a plate of just Meat, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread. It's Just Soul Food.

To help further explain this concept, here's a little taste from the book:

Chapter Two

Serving the Menu Items

If you will make a visual note of the Just Soul Food Cyclical Platter on the cover, you will notice a cross in the middle with 4 elements represented at corresponding 90 degree angles. These are the 4 elements of Soulful Digestion. They are meat, sweet potatoes, collard greens, and corn bread. Each one of these elements has its own cycle and is an intricate part of the larger cycle. We are going to begin by identifying each element and its identifying attributes starting at the top with the largest cycle of God or love.


The meat in our cyclical diagram represents God, Christ or Love in one form or another and/or heaven. Meat is food. It is the solid food of love. And it is also the point of conception. It represents love because before you first came into the world and arrived on the planet as a physical being, you were conceived in some form of love. However or with whomever it took place, your conception, with your soul coming from God, and later arrival on the planet after being carried for nine months by a consenting, loving mother clearly indicates an act of love. Meat represents love, the essence of life.


The sweet potatoes represent the root or point of darkness, man or the earth. Sweet potatoes are a root crop. Sweet potatoes represent these items because they come directly from the earth and are rooted in darkness away from direct sunlight. Potatoes themselves come in several different types (we’re all just small potatoes - decendants of the root of Adam). At maturity, when watered they begin to bud and sprout green plant life. We also call this the point of initialization because this is the point at which the concept, whatever it may be, is initialized and brought to us on the earth.


The greens represent water and green plant life and is the point of receiving, acceptance, nurturing and transformation. Greens are the most basic life form and the most prevalent life form on the planet. The greens that humans consume come through the marine food chain or are eaten directly in such foods as spinach and collard greens. Greens, through the process of photosynthesis, transform light from the sun and water into green plant food, carbohydrates and oxygen. Greens represents the point where we “water” that which has been placed into the soil. Water activates, converts and transforms whatever is in the soil. Here we receive, accept, nurture, and transform into a real life-altering entity that which we take into our heart and thereby the very soul of our being.


The bread represents the end product or result. Depending upon the specific application, it may represent different types of things/bread, leavened or unleavened bread (representing our Savior, Jesus Christ.) It is the point of manifestation, that point at which it is made known or revealed to us. It is that point at which we recognize the result, or see the light of the end product from the entity that was received, accepted and transformed in the greens. The corn bread is a highly prized treasure of the Just Soul Food diagram (as any true soul food lover can attest). Collectively they layout as follows:


It's Just Meat, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread  

Meat-Point of Conception
Root-Point of Darkness,Initialization
Greens-Point of Water,Receptivity,Transformation
Bread-Point of Light,Bread,Result,Manifestation

He has inscribed a circle on the face of the waters at the boundary between light & darkness. - Job26:10 ESV

There are 4 primary Just Soul Food elements and each has its own unique cycle and application to the Just Soul Food (JSF) cyclical diagram. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of each element and its specific identifying attributes. As we present matching cycles you may want to review them to make sure you don’t miss any appropriate associations. We refer particularly to those applications found in the greens. Now that we have identified the menu items, lets cook them up, apply them to the real world we live in, and lay them on our plate.

We all came into this world the same way, as a child. Born of a mother, who was most probably the primary sustainer of our being for at least the first year of our life. So let’s look at the first cycle we are all subject to when we arrive on the earth, the child cycle and see how it matches up to our Just Soul Food cyclical diagram. The layout is as follows:

Meat - Before your birth, conception and love
had to exist.
Root – You were initialized, born as a
human being, awakening on earth
Greens - You had to receive nourishment,
acceptance and food, love at
the physical level to grow
Bread - Resulting in producing a little
bigger child each day
Meat - Returning to the parent for love on a daily

If we follow the development of the child, we have the child being conceived by the adults, born into the world, nourished, accepted, loved and producing a little bigger child each day. This cycle repeats daily with awakening, nourishment, resulting growth and then rest in love. This is taking place on the physical level, but on the inner/spiritual level there is also a cycle taking place. The inner child or spiritual soul of the child is learning how to receive, accept, trust and have faith in love being given by the parents. Food is established as an expression of love giving life. Through receiving food and nourishment the child is receiving and learning about love. In fact for the first year of its life the child can do nothing but receive love from the parents, in which the parents find delight in giving. In this cycle the physical is creating the mold for the spiritual, as it does for all men in the beginning. Later, this same cyclical pattern is provided for the rebirth of the spiritual cycle.

Meat - For God so loved
Root - the world, that he gave his only begotten son,
Greens - that whosoever believes in(receives) him
Bread - should not perish,(separation from Meat)
Bread - but have everlasting life
Meat – (returns to cycle in the Father’s eternal love)

This same cycle of love initially created the earth, and is used to re-create man and the earth by going through the waters. If you can see the intersection of these cycles, you're on your way to really enjoying this book, because it is the same cycle given to man as the means whereby he receives all things. A thorough understanding of the elements, function, depth and breath of this cyclical pattern of love will provide us a unified understanding of how we receive true love, inner peace, and our purpose in the different areas/cycles of our own lives. And it will show us the path of receptivity for the answers to prayers found in the corn bread. It's Just Meat, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread. It's Just Soul Food.

It's Just Meat, Sweet Potatoes, Collard Greens & Corn Bread

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